Remember That Storm That Caused Tornados East of Us

Well – I thought the only damage I had was a strip of siding on the NW corner of the front of the house.  I called the insurance agent to see about a contractor since I didn’t have a ladder tall enough to reach the damage.  After my discussion with her, I agreed to being placed in the catastrophe pool apologizing as I agreed because I knew some folks had lost their entire homes.

A series of phone calls and missed appointments began.  One contractor was waiting on the claims adjuster to come see the damage so he kept moving his appointment because of those delays.  Anyway – long story short – the claims adjuster came Thursday evening. I mentioned that two of my neighbors had roof damage so I wouldn’t mind if he climbed up there to have a look.  He found damage.  I got to spend about an hour out in the front yard with Apple which generated a few conversations with neighbors so that was a good thing. When he left he told me to expect an email in the next couple of days.

It came today and while I don’t need an entire new roof, the damage does total over $6000. Lucky I had him climb up there, huh.  So now I wait for the contractor person to reschedule and then see what needs to be done from there.  But, I have to say, I love these problems that have a definite solution.  Find the bad parts of the roof.  Get someone to fix them. Get the insurance company to pay for the damage. Done and Done.  Life should always be this simple.

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