Tragedy Upon Tragedy

Sylvia’s new Granddaughter, Kaitlyn, was born in March and while we had made a visit to Ohio to greet her birth it seemed important for Sylvia to be able to get back there again.  A family meeting was convened and Sylvia was convinced that I would have plenty of “watchers” if she wanted to make another trip to see her baby.  Plans were made for her to fly out on June 29th and stay till July 4th.

Then on June 26th, my niece Laura Grace got a call on her cell phone.  It was Grandma Brune and she had fallen down the seven steps from the bedroom level of her home landing face first in the front hall.  Laura grabbed her Dad and brother and when they all saw the scene for the first time they were fearful that Mom (Grandma) might be gone.  But the paramedics came and they took her to Providence.  She didn’t stay there long before they transferred her to KU due to the amount of trama – broken wrist and unable to tell how much damage to her facial bones.  She stayed in the KU Trauma ICU for over a week and, of course, I felt totally helpless as I could not risk the exposure to a hospital environment with my immune system compromised.  When she got released it was back to The Healthcare Resort for more rehab.

Sylvia flew home late on the Fourth of July and I was luckily feeling good enough to pick her up at the airport.  She just raved and raved about her visit with Kaitlyn and Aaron and Amanda.  Then, early on the 5th, the phone rang.  It was Aaron’s Dad, Michael.  Kaitlyn had passed away.  Aaron had found her when he started to get her ready for her Mom to get home from work.  SIDS was the final diagnosis but pain was the reality.  Sylvia and Jenna took off driving to Ohio to be with the family.

July 6th was chemo round two and it was a tag team adventure with Melissa taking me over.  This included taking Apple the Airedale to doggy day care (ask Melissa about that adventure) and then checking me in for the hours long adventure.  Diana came and sat for part of the day and Janis picked me up and we gathered Apple and headed for home. Mission accomplished – treatment complete with grieving began.