More About Surgery

On November 10th I had two invasive procedures.  First some radioactive thingys were shot into my body via my left nipple (go ahead and cringe) and their mission was to find cancer cells and light them up.  It really was not as bad as it sounds and the tech even congratulated me on how quickly my cells were identified.  I was done within an hour be he said some folks take much longer.

And then it was off to the surgery center to meet Dr. Lowe for the removal of my left breast.  While the tumor had been shrunk in half by the chemo, it still all needed to go and lynph nodes needed to be examined as well.  The surgery went well.  I was kept for a 23 hour hold in a little back room of the surgery center with one nurse.  Her only job was me so, of course, lengthy periods of sleep were out of the question since she was doing her job and checking on me – constantly.

Some of the details about the recovery from surgery are in another post complete with pictures of the resulting blood clots and vein protruding effect on my chest.  All things considered, the recovery from the actual surgery went well but those other side trips were frightening.