Must Be Getting Better

The whole time I was sick I could not focus on anything but getting well. I struggled to even read any thing because I could not focus and I love to read and learn.  I finally got a recommendation from friend Jennifer to read some wonderful mysteries by Louise Penny and got back into the pattern of reading nightly.  It was good to start with fiction and now I am working my way back to my true love of non-fiction; history, current events, behavioral psychology, marketing.

My Sunday mornings are spent watching my favorite TV show ever – Sunday Morning on CBS.  I have had a standing Sunday date with all three of the hosts for over 30 years.  I now allow myself to use the DVR so I can meet them at a time of my choosing (without advertisements, thank you) but I meet them still.  I even have the theme song as my cell phone ring tone.

I have also developed a healthy podcast listening habit.  I listen to tech guys, money advisors, RV travelers, online marketers and weekly shows about news of the future.  I love the ability to touch a button on my phone and have new ideas put into my head.

This morning I have listened to folks talk about mindfulness, future studies, the philosophy of frugality and then went on to watch the Sunday Show with the wide variety of stories followed by an interview with a young man helping to organize Black Lives Matter and a local panel of leaders discussing the death penalty.  And with each topic change and new idea expressed, I want to dive deeper and do more research and learn more about that topic.

I must be getting better.

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