The Kindness of Strangers

So, if you have been following my story you know that my cancer fight took my hair away.  I never really thought of myself as vain but the loss of my hair was tough.  The gift of head coverings allowed me not to feel quite so obvious in public but the morning showers revealed not only the surgical scars but also the lack of hair.  There is a Facebook post going around now that says something like “When I look in the mirror in the morning I just have to say That Can’t Be Right” and this perfectly reflects my reflection. The hair is coming back but it is very curly and not like what I had before.  They say it will eventually get straighter but for now I am having a unique experience each day with these curls.

Late last week Sylvia and I went to the Corner Cafe for a late lunch/early dinner – you know, the blue hair special time of day.  And as we were getting out of the car a woman called to me from two parking spots over – “My husband wants me to tell you that your hair is beautiful”.  I was so struck that I walked over and said thank you and told her the story of cancer and hair loss.  Her husband kept saying “thank you, Jesus” to the story.  And I told them they had no idea how much their compliment meant to me as I work to accept this ‘new normal’.  The kindness of strangers should never be underestimated.  And we should never miss our chance to share that kindness with those we meet each day along our way.

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