The Journey of 2016

This website will begin as the telling of my journey through 2016.  I know that looking back and recreating the adventure will color some of the experiences with that 20/20 hindsight shade of optimism but I will try to remain honest and true to my experience.  Each sub menu on this page will take you through a different part of the experience and if your goal is to read the story in real time, then read the posts in the order they appear. Each of them can also become a stand alone story as well so dive in where ever you like and build your own understanding of what happened and when. The 2016 story is told entirely by looking back and so takes the form of a series of individual pages under this menu.  The 2017 story is more of an ongoing log of daily thoughts so it takes the form of a blog with the most recent posting always on top.  To read 2017 as it happened, scroll to the bottom and read up to the top.