Back To Normal

It started last Friday when I had a coffee meeting with a community member followed by a meeting with an attorney to settle Mom’s will and Powers of Attorney.  I am trying to get back to what was once my “normal” life.

This week has been more of the same.  Met with Mom, Janis and Melissa at an investment company to finish taking care of Mom’s pot of money on Monday.  Met with Mom and a furnace guy on Tuesday to see about replacing her 23 year old furnace and air conditioner.  Attended the monthly WCC membership meeting yesterday for the first time since last May.

Today brings another crowded schedule with two Board meetings and a conference call.

So the schedule looks like the old days.  But nothing will ever be the same.  Part of it comes from my hair being so very short as it grows back slowly.  Folks either try to “ignore” it or simply ask what is going on.  I try to make them comfortable by telling the short version – fighting breast cancer/winning. But it is uncomfortable to have the focus be so personal when once I could fade into the background at these kinds of events.

Maybe it will settle a little as more time goes by.